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The tracks converge. Near Quincy, CA. Advertisements

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All That’s Left

  This is all that is left of a house that burned down years ago.  Located on Highway 36 between Chester and Susanville in Northern California.

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This photo wasn’t shot with my iPhone, but is instead a photo JR Mahon shot of me as I walked through the hallways of Capital Christian Center typing on my iPhone. It just belongs here.

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Monkey Boy

Literally climbing the walls.

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Being Chauffeured

  It’s nice to not be the one driving for once. Even if I did have to put up with all the “Talladega Nights” quotes…

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The Driver Of This Car…

…has not discovered that the pedal on the right makes the car go faster!

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Does Tim Look Like A Salesman, or What?

Tim is a salesperson at Corning Ford in Corning, California. He’s also active in his church as well as ministering to inmates at the county jail.

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